Japanese edamame beans tossed with ginger puree, soya sauce, white sesame seeds, sesame oil and sprinkled with togarachi.

BD 2.100
Sku Asian Kitchen Edamame

Gyoza wrapper filled with prawns, coriander leaves, spring onion, salt, pepper, ginger puree and sesame oil served with ponzu sauce.

BD 3.300
Sku Prawn Gyoza

Prawns mixed with chopped garlic, mint leaves, salt, pepper, eggs, wrapped with pastry sheet, deep fried and served with sweet chilly sauce.

BD 3.400
Sku Prawn Spring Roll

Deep fried prawns served with chilly mayo on the bed of mix greens.

BD 3.200
Sku Rock Shrimp

Deep fried prawns served with tempura sauce and mix of ginger puree and raddish.

BD 3.600
Sku Prawn Tempura

Japanese edamame beans served with rock salt.

BD 1.500
Sku Edamame